Bitcoin is a safer more secure way to send funds as well as eliminating expensive Western Union Fees… Use those fees for more GEAR!!

If you use Bitcoin to pay for your order you will get a discount off your price!
If you need help with learning how to set up a BITCOIN account
WE WILL NOT STOP USING OTHER PAYMENT METHODS.. we are just slowly switching to a BITCOIN payment model in the future. We understand some customers will not be able to figure out how to use BITCOIN… we will still take care of you… however BITCOIN payers will get a 10% discount!

Please check out this Video> and also there are many GETTING STARTED with BITCOIN all over Youtube.

Bitcoin is also available on CASHAPP and PAYPAL. It has never been easier to use BITCOIN than it is now.

We suggest using BITPAY or BLOCKCHAIN as your bitcoin wallet.   Both Apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

We will eventually move to only accepting BITCOIN for all future payments to create a safer more secure payment system for us and our customers. But meanwhile you can still use Western Union and other money transfers to pay for your order for a 3% surcharge.

As always email us at if you have questions about bitcoin payments.